1.    Every student will be encouraged to develop an increasingly vital relationship with Jesus in which He becomes both Lord and friend.
2.    All subjects will be taught from a biblical perspective, emphasizing that all truth is God’s truth and that Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of wisdom.
3.    All teaching will focus upon transforming student lives, flowing out of a caring student/teacher relationship.
4.    The Holy Spirit will be given freedom to direct all activities at Zion Christian Academy.
5.    Education will be directed toward body, soul, and spirit, with educational experiences constructed to promote growth in each of the three domains.
6.    Every student will be encouraged to participate in service projects and mission experiences.
7.    Character education is central to the curriculum.
8.    Teachers have the right to teach, while students have the right to learn. Teachers and administrators will partner to protect those rights, allowing no student to disrupt the teaching/learning process.
9.    Zion Christian Academy will facilitate effective teaching strategies that engage every student and lead students to specific learning objectives.
10.  Zion Christian Academy will commit to teaching students how to think critically discerning truth from error.
11.  Extracurricular activities, field trips, service projects are integral to the total educational experience of ZCA students and will be interwoven throughout the educational program.
12.  Zion Christian Academy will maintain a strong commitment to excellence in every program offered.

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